Derry Leeman and Bette Seaver, owners of Busy Bs Country Crafts.

Derry Leeman and Bette Seaver, owners of Busy Bs Country Crafts.


Although most items currently listed here are out of stock, they could be made within a couple of weeks and would require a 50% deposit.  To view our current products, please visit our Etsy shops at Etsy.com and then search:

OldePrimitiveHive (no spaces) for wood products


Bettebabies (no space) for dolls and stitcheries

If you would prefer to purchase items directly without going through Etsy, please contact us by one of the following:




Stay safe and hope to see you soon!

Busy B’s is celebrating its 30th year!

For the past 20 years, we have participated in juried craft shows throughout New England and have met many wonderful people, many of whom we are now privileged to call friends.

All of our products are produced at our shop in New Hampton, New Hampshire. These pages will give you an idea of our product, however we would not have time to make product if we listed all of our items on this site:). Current dolls can be found on our ETSY.com site (SEARCH: Bettesbabies) and samples of wood items can be found on our ETSY.com site (SEARCH: Olde Primitive Hive). The best way to see all our available product (including signs) is to catch up with us at a show. Please see our current show schedule on the Schedule page. Hope to see you!

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  1. I met you today (9/27) at the Kingston Plains. Although I did not make it before 4:00PM I am still interested in purchasing the black cabinet. Is there any other shows coming up? Thank you. Marianne MacKay

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